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Lee Shapiro - Headshot
Lee Shapiro
Jun 20 2024 39

Investor Insights: Building Transformative Companies in Healthcare with Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner at 7WireVentures

Lee Shapiro talks about how integrating patient portals can bridge gaps between healthcare systems and specialties, improve care coordination, and reduce inefficiencies.

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Dr. Marko VujicicJeremy Krell
Jun 13 2024 38

Venture Capital’s Role in Oral Health Innovation with Dr. Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner of Revere...

Dr. Jeremy Krell shares his approach to venture capital, highlighting how innovation and early-stage investments are shaping the future of oral health.

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Dr. Marko Vujicic
Jun 06 2024 45

A Golden Age is Coming for Dentistry…. if We Can Think Differently, with Dr. Marko...

Marko Vujicic emphasizes the need for patient-centered, transparent dentistry, reimagining dentists as oral health physicians to drive preventive care, and highlights the importance of technology and insurance reform for a more efficient healthcare model.

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Chip Fichtner
May 30 2024 42

Invisible DSO Partnerships and Organic Growth with Chip Fichtner, Co-Founder of Large Practice Sales

Chip Fichtner joins to unpack the concept of "invisible DSOs" and their transformative impact on the dental industry.

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Jonathan Norris - Headshot
Dr. Jonathan Norris
May 23 2024 48

Transforming Pediatric Dentistry: A Wellness Approach for Kids’ Smiles with Dr. Jonathan Norris, co-owner of...

Dr. Jonathan Norris discusses the future of pediatric dentistry, advocating for a preventive wellness model and the adoption of new technologies to enhance accessibility and efficiency.

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Kyle Guerin Headshot
Kyle Guerin
May 16 2024 35

Bringing Innovation to Oral Health Initiatives with Kyle Guerin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at...

Kyle Guerin shares Henry Schein's dedication to health equity and improving oral healthcare for those with special needs, expressing hope for future initiatives powered by technology and collaboration.

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Maria Ryan Headshot
Maria Ryan
May 09 2024 36

The Power of Prevention: Colgate’s Insights into Oral Health Economics with Dr. Maria Ryan, Chief...

Dr. Maria Ryan discusses the innovative approaches Colgate takes to oral health and the role of precision medicine in oral care innovation.

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Ramon Lizardo
May 02 2024 40

Saving Lives and Costs: The Tele911 Approach to Triage and Treatment with Ramon Lizardo, CEO...

Ramon Lizardo sheds light on his team’s groundbreaking initiative, connecting patients with emergency physicians swiftly via 911 calls, and underscores the importance of insurers understanding the impact of dental issues on value-based care.

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Dr. Martin Alexander Gershon
Apr 25 2024 41

Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Oral Health with Dr. Martin Alexander Gershon, Managing Partner and CIO...

Dr. Martin Gershon delves into the importance of investing in oral health, especially in its early stages, and highlights the challenges faced by investors and the need for a thematically constrained approach to success.

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Dai Feng Headshot
Dai Feng
Apr 18 2024 46

The art of the exit: how to build patient-centric companies and deliver superior returns…consistently

Dai Feng shares his keen insights on the significance of exit strategies and the alignment of investor and founder visions in healthcare ventures.

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Sara Hurley
Sara Hurley
Apr 04 2024 39

Empathy and Collaboration in Healthcare To Lead Change with Sara Hurley, Former Chief Dental Officer...

Sara Hurley emphasizes integrating dental care and stresses empathy, collaboration, and innovation for advancing oral health and healthcare systems.

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Bryan Carey and Dr. Jane Whang
Mar 21 2024 42

Prioritizing Preventative Dental Care for Better Patient Outcomes with Bryan Carey and Dr. Jane Whang

Bryan Carey and Jane Whang spotlight the innovative assisted hygiene model of Benevis, where dental assistants support hygienists, ensuring efficient care delivery to millions in 120 underserved areas, and emphasize the importance of integrating oral care with overall health.

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