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May, 02 2024

Saving Lives and Costs: The Tele911 Approach to Triage and Treatment with Ramon Lizardo, CEO of Tele911

Think Oral _ Ramon Lizardo

By focusing on repeatable, monetizable, and scalable growth, Tele911 has saved over 50% on health plans.

In this episode, Ramon Lizardo, CEO of Tele911, sheds light on their groundbreaking initiative, connecting patients with emergency physicians swiftly via 911 calls, aiming to triage patients effectively, especially those seeking dental care, to reduce unnecessary ER visits. Tele911’s success lies in addressing the critical issue of low-emergency hospital cases, alleviating medical debt, and reshaping healthcare delivery, particularly in addressing the oral health needs of the uninsured. Ramon explains how the company’s model, combining government funding with premium memberships, ensures sustainable growth while drastically reducing costs compared to traditional ambulance and hospital visits. He also underscores the importance of insurers understanding the impact of dental issues on value-based care, advocates for preventative measures to curb costly ER visits, and emphasizes the need for proper partnerships to ensure optimal patient care.

Tune in and learn how Tele911 is bridging the gap between emergency medicine and preventative care while urging stakeholders to collaborate for a healthier future!


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