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Mariya Filipova

Mariya’s life and work is committed to building a future where healthcare is simpler, more equitable and integrated in our community. As an experienced C-suite executive, board member and early-stage investor, Mariya builds and scales companies bridging the siloes that stand in the way of that future.

Mariya leads CareQuest Innovation Partners, the for-profit affiliate of the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health, the largest oral health nonprofit committed to improving oral health for all. In her role, Mariya oversees innovation, advisory and investment activities aimed at developing solutions that improve overall health through oral health and advance healthcare access, equity, and integration.

As an experienced executive Mariya:

Served as the CEO of a Harvard spin-off using AI and satellite imagery to quantify the impact of environmental factors like noise and air pollution on clinical outcomes. Under her leadership, the company translated industry-leading research into market-ready solutions for plans and digital therapeutics companies.

Mariya Filipova

Dr. Jonathan Levine

To Dr. Levine, oral health is more than helping his patients achieve a beautiful smile. He has devoted his 35+ year career to expanding the way oral care is perceived and who it serves.

Dr. Levine approaches oral health with a nuanced, holistic approach that considers the mouth as the channel between the external world and our internal overall health. With the ability to unleash a new sense of confidence, improve immunity, and increase longevity, Dr. Levine understands the outsized impact the oral health industry can have on a person’s mouth, body, and soul.

Outside of his practice, JBL New York City, Dr. Levine dedicates his time to expanding access to oral health and overall health – as a philanthropist, educator, and thought leader. His organization, GLO Good Foundation, has worked with influencers like rockstar Lenny Kravitz to give thousands of individuals from underserved populations a new reason to smile, thanks to dental services, supplies, and education his foundation provides.

Jonathan Levine