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Jun, 13 2024

Venture Capital’s Role in Oral Health Innovation with Dr. Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner of Revere Partners and Rise Health

Think Oral _ Jeremy Krell

here is a vital need to address interoperability in dentistry, and it can be done by investing in innovators who push boundaries in data access and security.

In this episode, Dr. Jeremy Krell, Managing Partner of Revere Partners and Rise Health, shares his approach to venture capital, highlighting how innovation and early-stage investments are shaping the future of oral health. He uncovers the unique qualities that make a great investor in this niche sector, from understanding clinical dentistry to recognizing the potential in passionate entrepreneurs. For this interview, Dr. Krell shares insights on the challenges and breakthroughs he has encountered with Revere Partners and delves into the integration of sleep research in dentistry and the impact of new technologies like cone beam systems on patient care. From the importance of data security to collaborative efforts with other venture capital funds, this episode is packed with valuable knowledge for anyone interested in the intersection of healthcare, technology, and venture capital.

Tune in to grasp the intricacies of venture capital’s impact on oral health and the exciting advancements on the horizon.


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