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Jun, 20 2024

Investor Insights: Building Transformative Companies in Healthcare with Lee Shapiro, Managing Partner at 7WireVentures

Think Oral _ Lee Shapiro

How can patient portals be optimized for better communication between dental and medical providers?

In this episode, Lee Shapiro, managing partner at 7wireVentures, talks about how integrating patient portals can bridge gaps between healthcare systems and specialties, improve care coordination, and reduce inefficiencies. He shares his insights on the business opportunities for entrepreneurs to create interoperability layers that connect dentistry and medicine. Lee discusses the importance of considering social determinants of health and the need for collaboration across various sectors to better address patient needs. Additionally, Mariya, Jonathan, and Lee discuss the high costs and inefficiencies of treating oral pain in emergency rooms and how better integration can alleviate this issue. 

Join this episode to uncover the challenges, opportunities, and future of integrated healthcare.