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May, 23 2024

Transforming Pediatric Dentistry: A Wellness Approach for Kids’ Smiles with Dr. Jonathan Norris, co-owner of Montshire Pediatric Dentistry in New Hampshire

Think Oral _ Jonathan Norris

Consent, education, and patient autonomy are the fundamental principles of ethical dental practice.

In this episode, Dr. Jonathan Norris, co-owner of Montshire Pediatric Dentistry in New Hampshire, shares insights on the future of pediatric dentistry, advocating for a wellness model to prevent dental diseases. He emphasizes prevention over traditional methods, promoting education, research, and patient empowerment, while his conservative business model prioritizes equality of care. Innovations such as silver diamond fluoride and glass ionomer have transformed treatment, alongside advancements like teledentistry and 3D printing, while collaborative efforts with organizations like the Glo Good Foundation aim to improve access to minimally invasive dentistry. Dr. Norris advocates for preventive, personalized dental care, emphasizing education, consent, and parental awareness, while also promoting the adoption of new technologies and innovative models to enhance accessibility and efficiency in dentistry for the benefit of patients and the healthcare system.

Tune in and learn how you can contribute to a brighter, healthier future in dentistry!


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