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May, 16 2024

Bringing Innovation to Oral Health Initiatives with Kyle Guerin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Henry Schein

Think Oral _ Kyle Guerin

Pivotal advancements in dental practices, from early detection to non-invasive treatments, pave the way for leaps in oral-systemic health.

In this episode, Kyle Guerin, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at Henry Schein, offers heartfelt insight into the company’s commitment to health equity initiatives and its foundational values of caring for both customers and employees. He highlights the authentic culture at Henry Schein, praising CEO Stanley Bergman for fostering innovation and embracing new talent. Discussing oral healthcare for individuals with special needs, Kyle outlines the challenges they face and the efforts being made to improve access to dental care, including educational programs and community engagement. Looking ahead, he also expresses optimism about the future of oral-systemic health initiatives, emphasizing the role of technology and human collaboration in driving positive change in healthcare.

Stay tuned as Kyle shares his vision for advancing oral-systemic health initiatives and harnessing the power of technology and collaboration for positive change!


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