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Apr, 25 2024

Unlocking Investment Opportunities in Oral Health with Dr. Martin Alexander Gershon, Managing Partner and CIO of Endeavor Life Sciences Venture Funds and Venture Studio

Think Oral _ Martin Alexander Gershon

Focus on innovation that addresses high-demand and high-liquidity channels for greater impact.

In this episode, Dr. Martin Gershon, the managing partner and CIO of Endeavor Life Sciences, Venture Funds, and Venture Studio, delves into the importance of investing in oral health, especially in its early stages, highlighting the challenges faced by investors and the need for a thematically constrained approach to success. As an experienced trailblazer, he emphasizes the importance of strategic partnerships and a focus on innovation that integrates into larger systemic problems. Within the discussion, Martin covers the disparity in early-stage investments in oral health compared to other healthcare sectors, attributing it to perceived risk and difficulty in obtaining funding, and stresses the significance of de-risking investments and promoting awareness among investors and patients alike. He also advocates for creativity, disruption, and innovation in the oral and systemic health medicine field to create effective wellness approaches for patients. 

Tune in and learn how you can contribute to bridging the gap between medicine and dentistry for better healthcare outcomes!


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