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Sep, 21 2023

Trends and Tailwinds Shaping the Dental Industry with Maggie Jarrett, Director of Business Development at TUSK Partners


Show Notes

Dentists can use some support to focus on clinical care, but here’s what they need to know to make the most out of their practice’s value.

In this episode, Maggie Jarrett talks about mergers and acquisitions involving dental service organizations and traditional practices, touching on matters like the negotiation, valuation, and execution of these deals, considering industry trends and developments with hosts Jonathan and Mariya. She also explains what invisible DSOs are, how they work, and why everyone seems to be heading in that direction to provide better care, still have financial support, and make patients happier.

Tune in and learn more about DSOs and the business side of dental care!

Click this link to the show notes, transcript, and resources:

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