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Dec, 28 2023

The Upside of Transparency in Dental Practices with Geoff Ligibel, President and CEO of 42 North Dental

Think Oral _ Geoff Ligibel

The influx of money and private equity into dentistry isn’t just about financial growth, it’s about investing in a future that prioritizes clinical excellence and patient experiences.

In this episode, Geoff Ligibel, the president and CEO of 42 North Dental, discusses the evolution of dental service organizations and the transformative power of transparency, technology, and AI in dentistry. Throughout the conversation, he brings his seasoned perspective to the table, questioning traditional models and exploring how objective metrics are shaping patient care. Geoff dives into the contentious debate over healthcare rankings, the growing role of consolidated practices, and the integration of new technologies like AI in providing patient care. Along with Mariya and Jonathan, he discusses how AI is not just revolutionizing patient-facing communication but also improving diagnostic processes, compliance tracking, and the overall business of dental practices. 

So brace yourself for a thought-provoking exchange that navigates through the challenges and successes of modern dentistry!