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Feb, 22 2024

The Patient First Manifesto with Dr. Bryan Laskin, CEO and Co-Founder of Toothapps

Think Oral _ Bryan Laskin

As a dentist, viewing your practice from the perspective of the patient is the biggest opportunity that you have to grow your practice.

In this episode, Dr. Bryan Laskin, CEO and co-founder of Toothapps, a dentist turned technology entrepreneur, discusses data interoperability, patient-centric care, and the challenges faced by the dental industry. Dr. Laskin shares insights from his experience and his Amazon best-selling book, “The Patient First Manifesto,” emphasizing the importance of viewing dentistry from the patient’s perspective. In exploring the assumptions of excellence in dentistry and emphasizing the importance of aligning practitioner priorities with patient needs, Dr. Laskin addresses the crucial role of effective communication within dental teams and the leadership required to foster a patient-centered approach. Additionally, he delves into the challenges of integrating medical and dental records, advocating for interoperability within dentistry to drive innovation and enhance patient care, while also sharing insights from his work at Toothapps and emphasizing the significance of open standards and externalized APIs to connect disparate systems in the dental field.

Tune in and learn how a patient-centric mindset and technological innovations can revolutionize the dental industry!