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Mar, 07 2024

The DSO Wave: Transformative Trends in Dentistry with Brian Colao, Director of Dykema’s Dental Service Organizations Group

Think Oral _ Brian Colao

The rise of Dental Service Organizations is propelled by dentistry’s recession and pandemic resilience, allowing investors to profit.

In this episode, Brian Colao, the director of Dykema’s Dental Service Organizations Group, talks about the trends and dynamics within the DSO industry and its attractiveness to non-dentist investors. He delves into the impact of technology, particularly artificial intelligence, on the dental field, and how DSOs influence the adoption of new technologies in dental practices. Furthermore, Brian explores the future trajectory of the DSO industry, predicting continued growth and potential consolidation. He also touches on challenges faced by individual dentists in competing with DSOs and offers advice on structuring practices for smoother future transactions. 

Tune into this conversation for insights into the evolving landscape of dental practices and the role of DSOs in shaping the industry!