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Apr, 18 2024

The art of the exit: how to build patient-centric companies and deliver superior returns…consistently

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Investors have a prime opportunity for growth and strategic, long-term involvement in oral health investment.

In this episode, Dai Feng, co-founder and managing director at CareCapital, shares his keen insights on the significance of exit strategies and the alignment of investor and founder visions in healthcare ventures. In this conversation, he discusses the daring world of dental technology investing, exploring the stability and growth opportunities that make dentistry an attractive field for committed investors. Dai emphasizes the need for honest dialogue about long-term goals within the industry and the unique challenges of the medical and dental investment landscapes. He also touches on the significance of understanding the customer intimately and the patience required in bringing truly valuable dental products to market. 

Tune in as Dai delves into oral health investments, uncovers potential unicorns in dental services, and explores why healthcare administrative solutions could be the next big thing!