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Dec, 14 2023

Rewriting the Rules of Dental Service Organizations with Chris Salierno, Chief Dental Officer at Tend

Transforming the dental care landscape requires a disruptive strategy that includes developing intentional patient experiences and embracing technological advancements.

In this episode, Chris Salierno, Chief Dental Officer at Tend, discusses how his company is revolutionizing the DSO space with its disruptive model, intentional patient experiences, and emphasis on innovation. Chris emphasizes the crucial role of technology in dentistry’s future, predicting intraoral scanners’ transformative impact on comprehensive dental care. He explains how Tend’s startup culture allows for continuous innovation by addressing the slow adoption of new technologies within the dental industry and embracing a de novo growth strategy, starting clinics from scratch. Chris sees a promising future for dentistry, particularly with the enthusiastic and open-minded younger generation seeking mentorship and driving positive change.

Tune in to explore the dynamic fusion of technology and mentorship that propels Tend to the forefront of dental innovation!