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Mar, 21 2024

Prioritizing Preventative Dental Care for Better Patient Outcomes with Bryan Carey and Dr. Jane Whang

Think Oral_Bryan Carey & Jane Whang

Optimizing care while centering it around the patient allows for innovation without compromising quality.

In this episode, Bryan Carey, CEO of Benevis, and Jane Whang, a dentist and Regional Clinical Director at Benevis, spotlight the innovative assisted hygiene model of their company, where dental assistants support hygienists, ensuring efficient care delivery to millions in 120 underserved areas. They explain Benevis’s unique approach, which blends technology, an open bay model, and a focus on preventative care to bridge gaps in oral health for low-income families, emphasizing the importance of integrating oral care with overall health, and information sharing’s role in improving outcomes. Bryan explores the upside-down fee schedule in dentistry, advocating for prioritizing preventative care, and discusses the Benevis culture along with their commitment to training and supporting healthcare professionals. Jane advocates for educating people, and especially children, about the importance of their oral health and the collaborative efforts between public health teams, businesses, and foundations like Glo Good. 

Tune in and learn how collaborative efforts can shape a healthier future for children and families!


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