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Aug, 03 2023

Innovating Across Silos – Moving From Sick Care to Health Care with Daniel Kraft, founder and chair of NextMed Health

Daniel Karft

Show Notes

Connecting the dots across all healthcare silos is vital to achieving overall health integration.  Oral, public, cardiovascular, brain, and overall health can be treated through whole-person care and it is becoming a reality in some parts of the world.

In this episode of the Think Oral Health Podcast, Mariya Filipova and Dr. Jonathan Levine host Daniel Kraft, founder and chair of NextMed Health, a unique interdisciplinary community dedicated to catalyzing and accelerating the arrival of a new, human-centric, technology-enabled health age.  They discuss the development of scalable solutions in oral and overall health and how they can help get us from sick care to health care if worked in a more interdisciplinary way. 

By reaching across the aisle, connecting dots, and thinking outside the silo, we’ll be able to achieve greater health outcomes, reduced costs, and greater life expectancy.  During the podcast, we also cover the application of technologies like AR/VR, smartphone cameras, and other platforms that can elevate overall health if done so in an integrated way.

Tune in to get inspiration and more ideas on how you can make healthcare more integrated.

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