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Apr, 04 2024

Empathy and Collaboration in Healthcare To Lead Change with Sara Hurley, Former Chief Dental Officer of NHS England

Think Oral _ Sara Hurley

Empathetic and collaborative leadership is essential for driving transformative change in healthcare systems.

In this episode, Sara Hurley, former Chief Dental Officer of NHS England, discusses the crucial integration of dental care across diverse systems and models, emphasizing innovative ideas to strengthen the mouth-body connection and address systemic health issues such as diabetes. She underscores the significance of evidence-based practices and integrated medical-dental systems in providing comprehensive dental care, while also addressing challenges within the UK’s dental contract system and efforts to enhance access to publicly funded care. Moreover, Sara explores the concept of return on investment in oral health, advocating for prevention and wellness initiatives for their long-term benefits. She concludes by advocating for empathetic and collaborative approaches to drive transformative change in oral health and healthcare systems, stressing the importance of empathy, collaboration, and innovative thinking.

Tune in and learn the significance of empathy, collaboration, and innovative thinking in advancing oral health and healthcare systems overall!

Things You’ll Learn:

  • Evidence clearly supports the link between oral health and systemic health issues like diabetes.
  • Prevention-focused approaches in dentistry have the potential to transform ordinary care into extraordinary care.
  • Incremental steps and demystifying change play a crucial role in leading through ambiguous transformations.
  • Transitioning from organizational competition to system collaboration nurtures a more democratic and effective leadership environment.
  • A servant leadership model, grounded in trust and empathy, has the capacity to foster more responsive and inclusive healthcare systems.


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