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Feb, 08 2024

Earning Success Through Taking Care of Yourself with John Roussot, Founder and Chief Excellence Officer of FiiT4GROWTH

Think Oral _ John Roussot

If you want to succeed at higher levels, you can’t afford to not take care of yourself.

In this episode, John Roussot, founder and Chief Excellence Officer of FiiT4GROWTH, talks about the essence of leadership and personal growth and shares insights on how he’s creating high-performance teams. John strongly believes that everyone possesses greatness within them, and for him, the main barrier to achieving greatness is a lack of clarity and awareness. Throughout this conversation, he emphasizes the crucial role of well-being in personal and professional success, with a focus on sleep, exercise, nutrition, spiritual aspects, and the environment, exploring the impact of achieving goals at the cost of well-being and the importance of accountability in driving personal and professional growth. John also highlights the significance of connection, communication, collaboration, and co-creation when it comes to building high-performance teams, and discusses the power of lifelong learning, sharing wisdom across generations, and the importance of working toward mastery.

Tune in and learn how to unlock your greatness, foster well-being, and build high-performance teams!