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Nov, 30 2023

Dental Innovations and the Future of Oral Care with Chuck Cohen, Managing Director at Benco Dental

Think Oral _ Chuck Cohen

Work culture is crucial in delivering quality outcomes. 

In this episode, Chuck Cohen, the Managing Director at Benco Dental Company delves into the history and future of dentistry. Chuck shares the transition from door-to-door dentistry instrument sales to focusing on preventive care and advanced restorative products. He also discusses the innovative trends in dentistry such as 3D printing, the importance of organized approaches to dentistry, and the education and prevention in oral care health coalesce. Chuck explores the challenges and successes of entrepreneurship in dentistry, emphasizing Benco’s openness to partnering with smaller, innovative manufacturers and their focus on long-term relationship building. He also emphasizes the company’s customer-oriented culture, and the importance of work culture in delivering quality outcomes, Chuck shares how it contributes not only to strong clinical outcomes but also to the overall advancement of the dentistry field. 

Be sure to tune in for an enlightening discourse about oral health, entrepreneurship, and the future of dentistry.