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The Systemic Health
Oct, 19 2023

Connecting the Dots: Dentistry, Medicine, and Your Health with Hatice Hasturk, Director of Center for Clinical and Translational Research at the Forsyth Institute

Hatice Hasturk

Show Notes

A new generation of healthcare professionals is reshaping the landscape by connecting the dots between dentistry and medicine.

In this episode, Hatice Hasturk talks with hosts Jonathan and Mariya about the theories and pathways linking dentistry and medicine, emphasizing the promotion of overall health through improved oral health practices. She emphasizes the need to bridge divisions, prioritize prevention, explore the oral-systemic link, and promote overall well-being with education, innovation, and collaboration.

Join us for an eye-opening dialogue on how your oral health can impact your entire body and why it’s time to break down the walls between dentistry and medicine.

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